This document is designed to guide a user through the functionalities of the ChatBlazer 8 client. The guide is divided into different sections of the user-interface.
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Windowed Interface
The chat application displays each component in a windowed format. Each window can then be repositioned, closed, resized, maximized or minimized to the task bar.
Windowed Interface
Window Action Description
Minimize Minimizes the window to the task bar. The window can only be restored by clicking on its respective task in the task bar.
Maximize Maximizes the window to the application size. The window size will be tagged to the maximum available application size
Undo maximize Untags the window from the application size.
Close Closes the window.

Task Bar & Start Menu
The application's windows are listed and managed in the task bar at the bottom. A menu can be activated via the button on the lower left corner of the screen.
Task Bar
Start Menu Item Description
Rooms Rooms Opens and loads the rooms list window.
Contacts Contact List Opens the contacts/public IM window.
Preferences Preferences Opens the preferences window.
Help Help Opens the help pages in a new browser window.
Logout Logout Logs out of the chat application.

Desktop Context Menu
Clicking on the desktop brings up this menu. It replicates all functions in the Start Menu described in the previous section, together with some window and desktop management settings.
Desktop Context Menu
Menu Item Description
Tile Windows Shows every window on the desktop, allocating equal sizes to each window.
Cascade Windows Stacks up all windows from the top left corner of the screen.
Show Desktop Minimizes all windows, showing only the desktop and task bar.
Change Wallpaper Shows a sub-menu of available wallpapers to switch to.
Status Shows a sub-menu of online status to switch to.
ChatBlazer Current version of ChatBlazer

Login Window
The login window is always displayed when you are not logged in. It remains disabled until a connection is established with the chat server.
Login Screen
Fields/Components Description
Display Name Your desired display name that others will see when you are chatting. This will be the username if you are logging in as a member.
Password Password for your username. Applicable only for logging in as member, if the "Login as Guest" checkbox is not checked.
Login as Guest Allow login to the chat without a password.
Remember me Check this to remember your username and password on this machine.
Use this only for personal machines, and never at public terminals such as internet cafes.
Login Click on this button to login to ChatBlazer.
Status Message Located at the bottom of the login window, displays any connection status or error messages.

Rooms Window
Rooms Window To enter a room, double click on its name. The number in brackets beside the room name reflects the number of users in the room. Each room may have different properties as listed.
  • Open Open
    Normal open room.
  • Closed Closed
    Normal users are unable to enter closed rooms.
  • Private Private
    Hidden from rooms list, accessible only by entering room name.
  • AV AV
    Room allows Audio/Video communication
  • Moderated Moderated
    Messages sent in this room will need to be passed by moderators (if any)
  • Password Required Password Required
    Password is required to enter this room, which is prompted by a popup.
    Password required
Room Group Context Menu

Room Group Context Menu
  • Create New Room
    Create new room under this group. Refer to Create New Room for details.
  • Enter Room
    Enter a room under this group via the following popup.
    Enter Room in Group
Room Context Menu

Room Context Menu
  • Room Name
    Click on room name to enter the room.
  • Open Room
    Open room. (for monitors only, only if in room)
  • Close Room
    Close room (for monitors only, only if in room)
  • Close Room and Purge Users
    Close and force all users to leave room. (for monitors only, only if in room)
  • Create New Room
    Create new room. Refer to Create New Room for details.
  • Delete This Room
    Delete room. (for creators of room or admin only)
Create New Room

Create Room

A user may create temporary rooms which will exist until the creator logs out or when the room is empty.
  • Parent Group
    Indicates the group that the new room will be created under.
  • Room Name
    Name of the new room.
  • Password
    Password required to enter room. (required for AV)
  • Private Room
    Hides the room from rooms list.
  • AV Room
    Enable AV in the room.

Chat Window
Each chat session occurs within a chat window. It contains the chat area, the list of users in the chat, and an input panel. The chat window may optionally display other modules such as the AV, moderator and speaker panels.
Chat Window

Users in Chat/Room
Users in Chat/Room All users in the room are listed in a panel on the right of each chat window. Each user's avatar is shown on the left of the name. Each user may possess certain attributes, illustrated by icons on the right.
  • AV AV
    AV available
  • Gagged Gagged
    Unable to talk in the room
  • Moderator Moderator
    Moderator for the room.
  • Speaker Speaker
    Speaker for the room.
  • Monitor Monitor
    Monitor with priviledges such as gag/ungag, kick, open/close room, etc.
  • Invisible Monitor Invisible Monitor
    Monitor that can only be seen by other monitors in the room.
  • Admin Admin
    Administrator of the site.
User Context Menu

User Context Menu
  • Whisper
    Whisper to this user. Select this again to stop whispering.
  • View Profile
    View profile of user.
  • Add to Contacts
    Add user to contacts list as a ChatBlazer Buddy.
  • Invite to Room
    Shows a sub-menu of rooms to invite the user to.
  • Request Private Chat
    Request private chat.
  • Request AV Private Chat
    Request private AV chat. (for users with AV only)
  • Ignore/Unignore
    Add or remove this user from ignore list
  • Gag/Ungag User
    Gag or ungag user. (for monitors only)
  • Kick User
    Kick user out of the room. (for monitors only)
  • Ban by IP
    Ban a user from the chat. (for monitors only)
  • Copy IP Address
    Copies user's IP address to clipboard. (for monitors only)

Chat Input Panel
Main text box for user input, including formatting options, picshare, etc. When whispering, the background of the input panel will indicate the whisper target's name.
Chat Input
Button Description
Input Mode Input Mode: Text
Allows user to type text messages.
Input Mode Input Mode: Pen Drawing
Allows user to draw pen sketches.
Bold Bold
Toggles the bold status of selected text in the text input area.
Italic Italic
Toggles the italic status of selected text in the text input area.
Color Chat Color
Color of the text message to send out.
Emoticon Emoticon
Pops up a list of emoticons/smilies to insert into the text input. The emoticon's code will be shown in the text input, but the actual image/clip will be displayed on the chat area.
Audio Emoticon Send Audio
Pops up a list of audio clips to send to the chat room.
Canned Messages Canned Messages
Pops up a list of canned messages.
Toggle Invisible Toggle Invisible Monitor
Toggles the monitor's visible/invisible status in the room.
PicShare PicShare
Pops up a file-selector allowing you to select a picture to upload to the chat room.
- Only JPG / GIF / PNG files are accepted.
- File size will usually be restricted by the administrator.
File Library File Library
Brings up the file library window for this room.
Transcript Chat Transcript
Opens up a window showing the chat session's transcript.
Clear Clear Chat Area
Clears the chat area.

Moderator Panel
Panel for moderator to manage incoming messages.
Moderator Panel
Button Description
Pass Pass to Room
Pass selected message(s) to the room.
Pass Pass to Speaker
Pass selected message(s) to a speaker. Pops up a list of speakers if there is more than one speaker available.
Delete Delete
Delete selected message(s).
Moderator Options Moderator Options
Allows moderator to set default actions for incoming messages.

Speaker Panel
Panel for speaker to manage incoming messages.
Speaker Panel
Button Description
Pass Pass to Room
Pass selected message(s) to the room.
Quote Quote
Quote selected message while replying.
Delete Delete
Delete selected message(s).

AV Panel
Panel for Audio and Video streaming.
AV Panel
AV State Description
Connecting Connecting
Chat application is connecting to AV server
Play Play
Click to start playing AV stream.
Stop Stop
Click to stop playing AV stream.
Disconnected Disconnected
Disconnected from AV server. Click on "connect" to reconnect.

The preferences window allows the user to edit the profile, options and ignore list.

User Profile
The user profile is valid only for members. This tab displays a set of fields defined by the administrator, and is editable if the profile belongs to you.
User Profile

User Options
This panel allows the user to set personal preferences. For members, these preferences can be saved and restored in the next login.

User Options
  • Username Color
    Color of username that appears in the chat area.
  • Default Personal Text Color
    Default color setting for text message input.
  • Reject all private chat requests
    Automatically reject incoming requests for private chat, except for requests from buddies.
  • Ignore other users' text colors
    Ignore the user's text color settings and default the text color to black.
  • Notify when buddies login
    Notify with a small popup when buddies (CBE/MSN/ICQ/YIM/AIM) come online.
  • Auto-connect to IMs when logged in
    Connect to all available instant messengers (CBE/MSN/ICQ/YIM/AIM) when logged in.
  • Enable audio events
    Play audio events
  • Enable audio messages
    Play audio messages
  • Show avatars in chat area
    Show avatars in the chat area
  • Set myself as "Away" if I am inactive
    Allow auto-switching to away after inactive period
  • Inactivity Period
    Period of inactivity before switching to away

Ignore List
Allows management of a list of users to ignore. When ignored, private messages from the user will not be received.
Ignore List

Contacts List (Public Instant Messenger Panel)
Contacts List This panel is accessible to members only. It manages the user's contacts from ChatBlazer, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL IM. Each IM is handled separately and can be activated by clicking on the respective IM icons in the header of the contacts panel.
  • IM Accounts
    The respective IM accounts can be configured via the top row of IM icons, each representing an IM account with its online status and its column of contacts below it.
  • Contact Groups
    All contacts must reside in a single contact group. There will usually be a Default Group for newly added contacts.
  • Contacts
    A contact is group of IM accounts held by a single person/contact. When selected, the contact will expand to show details of each IM contact.
  • IM Contacts/Profiles
    Each IM contact is a valid IM account in your own IM account's contact list.
Contacts List Header

Contacts List Header
The contacts list header contains icons for all available IMs on the site, allowing the user to configure accounts for each IM.
  • Grayed Out IM Icons
    Add IM accounts by clicking on these icons.
  • IM Status Icons
    Click on each IM icon to activate the respective IM and show its contact list.
IM Header

Contacts List Header
The IM header serves as a general account management for the IM.
  • Status Icon
    The status icon represents the user's current online status for the IM.
  • Account ID
    The account ID or nick will be displayed beside the status icon.
  • Status Text
    The user's online status is described below the account nick/ID. Clicking on it pops up a list of available status modes to switch to.
  • Account Management
    An edit button on the right allows the user to manage the IM account.
Account Management Menu

IM Account Context Menu
  • Status
    Pops up a list of status modes to switch to.
  • Add Contact
    Add a new IM contact to the default contact group.
  • Add Group
    Add a new IM group.
  • Edit Account
    Edit IM account details such as password.
  • Remove Account
    Remove the IM account settings.
  • Connect/Disconnect
    Connect to or disconnect from the IM server.
Configure IM Account This form allows the user to add or update IM account configurations. This does not perform actual account creation, but stores the respective IM login information.
  • Username/Email
    Account ID for the IM.
  • Password
    Password for the account.
  • Auto Connect
    Automatically connect to IM upon entering the chat.
WARNING: Changing the account's username will automatically reset all existing contacts for that IM.
Contact Context Menu

Contact Context Menu

  • Send an instant message
    Open a chat window with this contact.
  • Delete Contact
    Deletes the contact.
Contact Group Context Menu

IM Contact Context Menu

  • Rename Group
    Pops up a form to rename the group.
  • Delete Group
    Delete the selected group (only if group is empty)
  • Create new group
    Pops up a form to create a new contact group.
  • Add Contact
    Add a new IM contact to the default contact group.